Information Literacy in November

You are ready to fly through the exam.

Year 7 began as you had to get back in the egg after Year 6.

Now as Year 7 is finishing you are ready to hatch.

So here are my egg jokes.

What happened to the bad egg? It was egg-secuted

What did one egg say to the other egg? You’re cracked!

What do you call an egg that knows everything? An eggspert

What vegetable is like a chicken farm? An Egg plant

The Exam format is the same as the Trial; see 2007 Trial IL Exam

In addition you will need to identify some Thinking Skills You will need to know some colours and the Thinking Skills associated with them

You will also need to identify some Key Competencies Be prepared to list at least 3 of them.

You will be asked about the nature of sources.Basic information resources can be divided into two; hardcopy and digital.  Hardcopy resources have two types; Non Fiction resources which can be retrieved from the catalogue and Reference resources such as encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesauri and atlases. Digital resources have two types; CD ROMs and the online resources available on the internet.

The two most important aspects of questions on a bibliographic record are

1. The Title and call number (Location, Classification, Suffix) so you can locate the book

2. Title, Author and date published so that you can reference your sources fora bibliography.

And while you don’t need to know all the Multiple Intelligences you need to remember that we are smart in different ways. Remember if someone says you are dumb ask them in which multiple intelligence. 


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