Informationliteracy@bghs is a blog for students by Victor Davidson a teacher-librarian from a school library.


4 responses to “Informationliteracy@bghs

  1. These lessons sound very engaging.
    I would love to see them in action.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hey there mr davidson anyways heres the homework but I think I sent it too late to you well I done it..=]
    1) Have you ever felt like a piece of wood? No

    What is the author really trying to say about life?
    He’s trying to say that lying isn’t a good thing to do in life because what goes around comes around.

    2) Why do we disobey our parents and teachers sometimes?
    We sometimes disobey our parents and teachers because we want to get out of trouble or maybe for the fun of it.

    What gets in the way of being perfect? The thing that gets in the way of being perfect is no one is perfect no matter what.

    What is the function of Jimminy Cricket?
    The function of Jimminny Cricket is he tells pinocchio to do the right things instead of the wrong. Like an angel that follows him around.

    3) Wouldn’t life be easier if we stayed as puppets?
    No because if we were puppets we wouldn’t know how it is to be real and to cry and to be happy and having a heart and a brain.

    What is the most useful part of school? The most useful part in school is learning, meeting new people and being on task at all times.

    4) Do you know anyone who lived happily ever after?
    Yes my parents they are like best friends when my father has bad times my mother is always there to help him out and the same for my father to my mother but excpet when they are having a argument.

    What is the best we can hope for?
    The best we can hope for is for me to study hard so I can be a lawyer and make my family happy so I can help them when they’re in trouble.

    5) Should Mr Davidson re enter Australian Idol?
    No because he wasn’t on Australian idol before but he can try out for it when he isn’t a libraian.

    Why is “When you wish upon a star” such an effective coda?
    When you wish upon a star is an effective coda because many people believe when you see a star and make a wish it would come true.

    What is Mr Davidson’s favourite narrative genre? Mr davidson’s favourite narrative genre is you didn’t tell me???

  3. 1) Title: China
    2) Author: Waterlow, Julia
    3) Physical description: 32 pages, plates, index
    4) Subject 1: China-geography
    5) Subject 2: China-social life and customs
    6) Series: The real world
    7) Full call number: No number
    It doesn’t show the full number sorry I couldn’t find it cya..=]

  4. mr davidson how do you see the comments that you reply back to me?:)

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